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The Finger Game

The Finger Game

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The Finger Game is a fun and easy to play bar or drinking game! 

  • The GOAL of the game is to not be the last player left!
  • Before each round, all players will start with their finger on one of the game spaces.
  • Starting with one player and then taking turns rotating clockwise, each player will take a turn until all players except one are eliminated.
  • On each player’s turn they will say 3-2-1 and then try to guess the number of fingers remaining on the game. At the exact same instant as the guess is made, all players will either lift their finger off the game or keep it on.
  • If the player correctly guesses the number of fingers remaining, they are eliminated.
  • A punishment is usually given to the loser like buying the next round, taking a drink, or doing a pushup.

Bring The Finger Game along to your next party or trip to the bar! It fits on top of pint glasses, bottles, or cans and can easily fit in your pocket or purse.

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