Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between the different games?

Each game is a completely different standalone game with the exception of the Fore! Cards NSFG Expansion pack which is an expansion pack for Fore! Cards.

Fore! Cards is our flagship game and the one that started it all! This game makes your round completely different and fun! Cards are picked each hole which determine how the hole is played. Fore-Keeps cards can be used strategically throughout the round to gain an advantage or give an opponent a disadvantage!

Fore! Drinks is a game that incorporates drinking into your round in a fun way. Fore-Rule cards are picked each hole to set the drinking rules for that hole. Fore-Give cards are dealt to players before the round and can be played throughout the round to make your opponents drink.

Fore! Money is a game that is perfect if you want to put some money on the line. Cards are collected throughout the round (can be positive or negative) for completing certain actions and can be lost if another player completes the same action. At the end of the round, everyone totals their cards and nets them out against each other to determine payouts.

Random Club Dice is a dice game that makes every shot a crap shoot! A 6 sided die is rolled at the tee to determine hole the hole is played. Each player then rolls their 12-sided dice which determines what club or clubs they can use for that hole.

What happens if I lose or damage a card?

No sweat! Just shoot us an email @ and we will send you a replacement!

Can I create my own rules?

Of course! In fact, we encourage it! Remove the cards you don't like or modify the rules as you wish. For example, you can make a rule that Fore! Keeps cards must be used on the hole in which they are picked or no one can pick the same partner twice in a row. Play the way that maximizes the fun!

Do you have bulk order pricing?

We do! Fore! Cards is a perfect addition to your pro-shop or store product catalogue and is a fantastic tee gift for an event or outing.

We have great wholesale prices and even better quantity discounts.

Just email for more info!

Is Fore! Cards sold in any stores or brick and mortar locations?

Yes, Fore! Cards games are sold in several pro-shops and golf stores around the country!

If you are interested in selling Fore! Cards in your pro-shop, physical, or online store just shoot us an email @!

Can I play Fore! Cards in an Event?

Yes absolutely. We have several event products so you can amp up the fun in your next event!