How to Play Fore! Cards:

Grab some friends!

Fore! Cards is designed to be played as a foursome. Many of the Fore-Mat cards are played as 2 vs 2 so 4 players are optimal.

Determine the Picking Order!

Since ONE player will select cards on each hole, you will need to determine the order in which cards will be picked before starting the round.

Pick Cards!

Before each hole, one player will select both a green Fore-Mat and a blue Fore-Keeps card. The Fore-Keeps card is kept by the player and can be used anytime throughout the round.

If playing a 9 hole match 5 Fore! Keeps cards can be randomly dealt to all players before starting the round. The remaining cards are then picked each hole.

Play the Hole According to the Fore-Mat Card!

The Fore-Mat card will determine how the current hole will be played for all players. It also determines the number of points that can be earned on the hole.

Keep Score and Have Fun!

At the end of each hole, points are awarded to the winning player or players. At the end of the round, tally up the points for each player and the players with the most points wins!

How to Play Fore! Drinks:

Determine what a 'drink' means!

For example, a sip, 3 second chug, or whole beer.

There are two types of cards!

Fore! Rule Cards – determine the drinking rules for each hole.

Fore! Give Cards – can be handed out throughout the round to make players drink.

Deal out the Fore! Give cards!

Before the round begins, deal out the Fore! Give cards to each player. If playing a foursome, each player will be dealt seven cards.

Pick a Fore! Rule card!

Before teeing off each hole, a Fore! Rule card is randomly selected (any player can select) which will determine the drinking rules for that hole.

Have fun and drink responsibly!

How to Play Fore! Money:

Assign a dollar value to a point!

Before the round, assign a dollar value to 1 point. Each card has a point value assigned to it (can be negative or positive).

Collect cards!

The goal of the game is to collect as many ‘positive’ cards as possible throughout the round while avoiding ‘negative cards’.

At any point during the round, if a player completes an action on a card (e.g. makes a birdie), they get to keep that card until another player completes the same action. Closest/Furthest to/from the pin cards are exceptions as those cards are kept by the player who earns them for the duration of the round (there are 4 of each).

Add up your points!

At the end of the round add up all your cards to determine your ending point value. Players then net their points against each other to determine pay outs.


The most points possible for one player is +18 (if one player accrued all the positive cards) and the least possible points is -10 (if one player accrued all the negative cards). If playing for 1 dollar/point, the total exposure would be 28 dollars.

How to Play Random Club Dice:

Roll the 6 side die!

Before each hole, roll the 6 sided die to determine how the hole is played.

Roll Individual Die!

Each player will have an individual Random Club Die which determines the club or clubs that can be used for that hole.

Keep score!

Keep score as you normlly would!