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Fore! Cards On-Course Golf Game Not Suitable For Golf Expansion Pack

Fore! Cards On-Course Golf Game Not Suitable For Golf Expansion Pack

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Expansion Pack for Fore! Cards on-course golf game. Includes 18 new Fore! Keep cards and 12 new Fore! Mat cards to make your next round even more fun!

Fore! Cards is an on-course game you can bring to your next round to spice things up. Cards are picked on each hole and determine how the hole will be played. Fore Cards incorporates a variety of popular golf formats with non-golf elements such as kicking and throwing the ball. It's the most fun you can have on a golf course!

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  • On course Golf Game - Fore! Cards will add fun and strategy to your next round of golf!
  • Challenge your friends to a fun golf game! Fore Cards make the round even more competitive!
  • 30 new cards to determine how each hole is played - tons of different cards to add variation to your next round.
  • Spice up your next round! Fore Cards is guaranteed to add fun to your next round of golf!

What's Inside

Fore-Mat Cards

  • Wrong Hole
  • Next Tee
  • Club Elimination
  • Club Swap
  • Bunker Scramble
  • Sychronized Shot
  • Frenemies
  • Like It Rough
  • Fairway
  • Croquet
  • Shot Swap
  • Relay Throw

Fore-Keeps Cards

  • Choke Up
  • Rake Putt
  • Shoe Off
  • One Arm
  • Pool Cue
  • Dizzy
  • Divot
  • On Your Knees
  • Off The Box
  • Upside Down Putter
  • Hole Change
  • No Look
  • Super Gimme
  • Bad Ball
  • Reverse Putt
  • Battle Putt
  • Putt Swap
  • Backwards Throw

How to Play

The Fore Cards NSFG Expansion Pack can be added to the main Fore! Cards deck or played on it's own!

1. Grab Some Friends!

Fore! Cards is designed to be played as a foursome. Many of the Fore-Mat cards are played as 2 vs 2 so 4 players are optimal.

2. Determine the Picking Order!

Since ONE player will select cards on each hole, youwill need to determine the order in which cards will be picked before starting the round.

3. Pick Cards!

Before each hole, one player will select both a green Fore-Mat and a blue Fore-Keeps card. The Fore-Keepscard is kept by the player and can be used anytime throughout the round.

If playing a 9 hole match, 5 Fore-Keeps cards can be dealt to each player before the round starts with the remaining cards picked on each hole!

4. Play the Hole According to the Fore-Mat

The Fore-Mat card will determine how the current hole will be played for all players. It also determines the number of points that can be earned on the hole.

5. Keep Score and Have Fun!

At the end of each hole, points are awarded to the winning player or players. At the end of the round, tally up the points for each player and the players with the most points wins!