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Fore! Drinks On Course Golf Game

Fore! Drinks On Course Golf Game

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Fore! Drinks is an on course golf game that combines drinking and golfing into a fun and hilarious game. Pick cards each hole to determine the drinking rules for that hole. Hit the longest drive or make the longest putt? You get to hand out drinks. Hit a tree or 3-putt? Take a drink. Grab a deck of Fore! Drinks and a 6 pack and get to your favorite course for an absolute blast.


52 Card Deck

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  • On-course Golf Game!
  • Grab some friends, your favorite beverage, and head to the golf course with Fore! Drinks. Fore! Drinks integrates drinking into your round in a fun and strategic way!
  • Integrates drinking into your round in a fun way!
  • Cards determine drinking rules for each hole!
  • Take or give drinks to your playing partners throughout the round!
  • Easy to learn!

What's Inside

52 Card Deck with Instruction Booklet

Fore-Rule Cards

  • Three Putt
  • Mulligan
  • Over/Under
  • BunkerDrunker
  • FoulWay
  • Tree Trouble
  • Sober
  • First Putt
  • First Green
  • Last Green
  • Short Game
  • Drunk Driver
  • Drinko Dranko Drunko
  • Social
  • Honors
  • Dishonors
  • Liar Liar
  • Foot Wedge
  • Non Dominant Arm Throw
  • Cut The Putt
  • Dominant Arm Throw
  • Juggler
  • Step Up
  • Tee up

Fore-Give Cards

  • Steal
  • Under Water
  • Bunker to Bunker
  • Worm Burner
  • Block
  • Chunk
  • Skull
  • Shank
  • Misstep
  • Knock it off
  • Putt off
  • Slow Play
  • Fairway or Drink
  • Green or Drink
  • Road Rash
  • Up and down
  • Ladies Tee
  • Wrong Fairway
  • Hit a House
  • Fried Egg

How to Play

  • Determine what a ‘drink’ means, for example, a sip, 3 second chug, or whole beer.
  • There are two types of cards:
  • Fore! Rule Cards – determine the drinking rules for each hole.
  • Fore! Give Cards – can be handed out throughout the round to make players drink.
  • Before the round begins, deal out the Fore! Give cards to each player. If playing a foursome, each player will be dealt seven cards.
  • Before teeing off each hole, a Fore! Rule card is randomly selected (any player can select) which will determine the drinking rules for that hole.
  • Throughout the round, players can make other players drink by handing them a Fore! Give card when they complete the action on the card. Once a card is played, the player who it was played against gets to keep it and can then play it again.
  • Have fun and drink responsibly!