Adding more fun and generating more revenue for your next golf event

Maximize fun AND revenue at your golf event!

Maximize fun AND revenue at your golf event!

Every event organizer has the same goal – create a fun and memorable experience while also maximizing revenue from the event. Well, what if I told you there was a way you could do both? Introducing Fore! Cards On Course golf games for events! Fore! Cards offers a variety of options to spice up your event and drive more revenue.

Wheel! Of! Fore! Cards!

The Wheel Of Fore! Cards is a 14 space spin wheel with each space containing a helpful action that can be used by all members of the team on the hole. When a group gets to the tee box of a hole, they get a chance to spin the wheel and use whatever space they land on to help them.

Let’s say a group is on a par 5 and they land on the ‘Tee Up’ space. This means they can tee the ball up at any point in the hole. After the drive, they choose to tee the ball up so that they can hit drivers and reach the green in two. Now they have a chance for an eagle!

Alternatively, the group lands on the ‘Putt Pass’ card. When they get to the green the team can attempt a Putt Pass by having all players hit the putt while it is still moving with the last player trying to make the putt. All of the sudden, a 30 footer seems very makeable!

The Wheel of Fore! Cards adds fun and strategy to a hole and gives teams a chance to make an eagle (or better)! The event can ask teams to ‘pay’ or ‘donate’ for a spin and even charge for second or third spins if they want to try for something better. The Wheel of Fore! Cards gives event planners an opportunity to drive more revenue and adds a fun twist to the hole!

Fore-Mat Tee Signs

Fore-Mat tee signs make each hole a fun and unique challenge. For example, the ‘Relay Throw’ allows the teammates to throw the ball to another teammate and if caught, can be thrown on to the next teammate until the ball is dropped or the last player throws it. In another example, ‘One Club’, the team must select one club to play the entire hole with until reaching the green. The Fore-Mat signs present fun and strategic challenges that will make your event stand out from the rest! We have 18 different challenges to choose from so your events will never get boring.

Fore-Keeps Card Packs

It is common for events to sell mulligans before the round begins and it’s a great way to drive some additional revenue. Well, we have taken that concept to the next level and created Fore-Keeps card packs with 15 different actions that can be used throughout the round to gain an advantage. The teams will have to use careful strategy to maximize the benefits of the cards which will ultimately help them make more birdies and eagles while also helping to avoid bogeys. Each card pack comes in a cardboard sleeve box and can be sold prior to the round. Get rid of the boring mulligans and take the fun up a notch with Fore-Keeps card packs.

If you're look for unique ways to make your golf event stand out then look no further. Fore! Cards has you covered with a variety of on course games that will keep things fresh and keep golfers coming back!

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